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Leka Conservatory Roof Insulation Liverpool

Transform Your Conservatory Into A Perfect All Season Lounge

Get The Ultimate Choice With A Leka System Conservatory Roof

The Leka System is undoubtedly the number one choice for discerning customers.

It has been designed by the best minds in the business, using high innovation, superb technology and years of practical skills.

Standing out as the best of its kind across the globe, the Leka System Conservatory Roof leaves all other systems on the starting block!

Your existing conservatory roof will be revolutionised or a new conservatory you plan to build will be significantly enhanced with this super advanced system.

Only the best materials are used in the Leka System, ensuring a durable, attractive and cost effective conservatory roof.

The five-step process completes the perfect Leka System Conservatory Roof.

Below you can find an overview of how the Leka system works. 

These super lightweight tiles offer a class finish to your roof, but without the density of concrete or slate tiles.  The finished look offers timeless beauty.

Step 1 - Glass Reinforced Rafters

Step 1 – Glass Reinforced Plastic attached to your existing conservatory window frames ensures that moisture is absorbed efficiently, condensation is sorted and woodworm is a thing of the past.

Step 2 - Internal Leka Boards Fitted

Step 2 –  Lightweight, 100% waterproof internal Leka boards sit beneath the rafters so that a traditional plaster skim can be applied to paint and finish your conservatory off.

Step 3 - Insulated Celotex Installation

Step 3 – Insulated Celotex Sheets, provided by one of the top insulating specialists in the country are fitted to ensure the highest possible insulation efficiency level in your conservatory.

Step 4 - Outer Sheets Installation

Step 4 – Insulated outer sheets are added to further insulate your conservatory roof.  These outer sheets provide excellent barriers to the elements, giving a 100% waterproof covering.

Step 5 - Roof Tiling

Step 5 – Your Leka System Conservatory Roof is now read for tiling with the finest, top quality Tapco or Metrotile roof.

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