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Tapco Conservatory Roofing Liverpool

Transform Your Conservatory Into A Perfect All Season Lounge

Reduce heat loss with a TapcoSlate conservatory roof and improve cosmetic appeal with a Leka roof.

Worried that your conservatory might boost your heating bills?

We have a solution for you!

As customers of North Liverpool Windows & Conservatory Ltd, you can benefit from an exciting new product we install called TapcoSlate.

TapcoSlate is a synthetic version of roofing slate, carefully crafted to look exactly like the real thing.

It’s perfect for conservatories, effectively keeping heat right where you want it – inside your conservatory.


A New Solution To An Old Problem

TapcoSlate can be incorporated into your new conservatory design or used to improve your current conservatory roof.

It’s stronger and more durable than real slate, meaning your quality product will look fantastic for years.

It’s also really light and easy to install; it takes no time at all to get it in place.

Before you know it, you’ll have a convincing slate roof keeping your conservatory warm and looking fantastic.


A Great Long-Term Solution

Your new imitation-slate roof comes with a lifetime warranty, because the people who made it know how resistant their synthetic slates are to breakage and weathering.

It’s great for the environment too.

TapcoSlate is made of fresh materials to make sure it’s strong, but it’s 100% recyclable.

So if you decide to upgrade your roof again in the future, you know your old roof will be put to good use.

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